Shelly Klein Consulting is a team of motivated educators who are passionate about bringing current literacy practices into all classrooms. Our literacy coaches strive to inspire teachers, administrators, and students to become vibrant and engaged readers and writers. We utilize the ongoing professional learning model for literacy development and instructional change.

We provide tailored professional learning that empowers educators in grades K-9  with the tools they need to support the literacy development of their students resulting in higher student engagement and achievement.

SKC offers single and multi day workshops in public, private, independent, parochial and charter schools both locally and on a national level.  Our professional learning sessions are interactive and offer practical tools which teachers can use in their classrooms the very next day.  In addition, we offer in-class coaching and support through classroom demonstration lessons.

Our team prides itself in helping schools, teachers, and students grow by providing current, practical approaches to literacy delivered in a supportive and respectful manner.