Stacy Kaczmarek’s Testimonials

Stacy is knowledgeable and current on the latest strategies and research in the field. She is able to answer unanticipated questions and provide examples for teachers on the spot. She is also extremely flexible. Not many educational consultants are so willing to create customized training sessions to ensure that all content is perfectly aligned with district initiatives. Stacy is able to be flexible due to her vast knowledge and experience base.

Tova Feifer, Supervisor of K-2 ELA and Title 1 Instructional Services, Lakewood, NJ

Stacy Kaczmarek was instrumental in training me in reading and writing workshop, a concept that was totally new to me. Stacy’s knowledge of teaching reading and writing and her ability to really break down the material to make it understandable, helped me to implement a program in a way that I felt proud of in the end. Our sessions consisted of the perfect balance of learning the philosophies and research behind the strategies and also developing lessons and activities that I could implement the very next day. Thank you Stacy, for taking the time to truly help mold me as a teacher.

Christina, 3rd Grade teacher in Roseland, NJ

As a first year Workshop teacher, Ms. Kaczmarek’s advice, insight, strategies, and support were invaluable. She not only helped us to feel better prepared to provide our students with the high level of instruction they deserved, but her supportive and positive personality also gave us the confidence we needed as teachers to tackle the new program. Enough can not be said of the level of importance her support and guidance has provided us as a grade level team and a district as a whole.

Rich, 3rd grade teacher in Roseland, NJ

Stacy Kaczmarek is absolutely the best literacy consultant ever! The teachers in my district raved about how she supported them with the implementation of Reading and Writing Workshop into their classrooms. She allowed them to celebrate their vulnerabilities and joys of learning a framework for reading and writing, which has strengthened our students independent reading and writing skills tremendously.

Dawn Scott, instructional coach for the Richland One School District in Columbia, SC

I learned so much from Stacy. Her passion for this model shines through by presenting the material in ways that are easily transferable to the classroom. In true teacher fashion, she presents the material in a way that is both enjoyable and engaging! Thank you Stacy!

Katelyn, 3rd grade teacher in Roseland, NJ

Best PD in 30 years!

Nancy, 5th grade teacher in Schenectady, NY

I learned so much this week that I can actually use.

Karin, 5th grade teacher in Schenectady, NY

What a GREAT Professional Development! You were engaging and provided excellent tips/suggestions.

Gloria, 3rd grade teacher in Roselle, NJ

You shared things with us that were practical and I can put them in place tomorrow. It was so helpful and will make my job easier!

Kaila, 2nd grade teacher from Columbia, SC